Goodbye 2016, welcome 2017


Goodbye 2016, welcome 2017

2016 was a very good year for us. We did 3 international trips and managed to do 7 domestic destinations (including one to see our favourite sportsperson Nadal play in the Davis cup and a few back home). The year ended with a holiday in Seychelles, one of our dream destinations. And we already have a couple of trips lined up for 2017. Managing it with work and kiddo’s school looked like a challenge earlier, but the experiences and insight that he develops travelling surpasses the disadvantages of missing school or exams. I am yet to review some of the destinations and hope to be able to do it before our next trip to Bhuj for the Rann Utsav. While we sit and make some more plans for 2017, lets give a big thumbs up to the year gone by!

Bali – Temples, Beaches and much more

We visited Bali in May and fell in love with the beautiful temples, beaches and food. While we could visit only a small fraction of Bali, it was a relaxing and fun trip. Read my post on how to plan a short Bali trip.

Beautiful Taman Ayun Temple or Royal Temple in Bali
Beautiful Taman Ayun Temple or Royal Temple


We had both visited Agra with friends during our college days, but going back as a couple was definitely another experience. We went there with my sister’s family and loved the day out. The drive from Delhi to Agra is an easy highway drive and anything said about the beautiful Taj Mahal is less.

Taj Mahal Agra
Taj Mahal Agra


Nadal announced his participation in Davis Cup to be held in Delhi 10 days before the event. We booked our tickets the same day. This was the best opportunity to catch the superstar in action. We ticked one item in our wishlist and couldn’t have been happier 🙂

Davis Cup 2016 - Watching Nadal live
Davis Cup 2016 – Watching Nadal live


We went on a 4 day trip during my birthday and spent one night at Gandikota. The beautiful canyon is rightly called the Great Canyon of India. Its surprising not many people are aware of it and it is not promoted as a tourist location as much as it should be. Read my post on Gandikota to know about this hidden gem.

Gandikota - the great canyon of India
Gandikota – the great canyon of India

Belum Caves

Belum Caves, known for its stalactites and stalagmites is the largest tourist cave in Indian subcontinent and the longest one too! At one point of time, we were 150 feet below the ground level. Its around 350 kms from Hyderabad and qualifies for a day trip. To plan a trip to Belum Caves, read my post on our outing to the caves.

Patalganga - deepest point in Belum caves
Patalganga – deepest point in Belum caves

Oravakallu Rock Garden

Oravakallu Rock garden in the Kurnool district is a 1000 acre park with a resort inside. The unique rock formation is a heaven for photographers who come in flocks to capture the beauty of the place. Kiddo had fun climbing up the rocks and honed his rock climbing skills 😀

Oravakallu Rock Garden
Oravakallu Rock Garden, Kurnool – view from one of the rocks


I am a fan of beach destinations and was not too keen on visiting Singapore, which some friends describe as better version of Hong Kong or Mumbai. Most of the people consider Singapore as a 2-3 days destination or more like a stop-over before visiting elsewhere. However, we spent 8 days in Singapore and could still not cover everything. And despite my apprehensions in visiting the place, we fell in love with it. Its amazing how the city has developed in the last few years and how well maintained it is. To read my posts on Singapore, click here.

Singapore Merlion park and Marina Bay Sands
Singapore Merlion park and Marina Bay Sands

Nagarjuna Sagar

We went to Nagarjuna Sagar for a quick 2 day trip from Hyderabad when my parents visited us. This was our second trip to the reservoir. Its a lovely place to spend a day or 2, hardly 2.5 hrs drive from Hyderabad. Read my post on accommodation and things to do in Nagarjuna Sagar.

Nagarjuna Sagar Dam
Nagarjuna Sagar Dam


Seychelles is a small country with a population of around 90000 and consists of 115 islands. 3 of them are most popular with tourists – Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. We visited Mahe and Praslin for a week and were enchanted with the idyllic islands. The country is home to one of the smallest populations on earth living in perfect harmony with nature. The beautiful beaches are a reason enough to travel to this place, though it also boasts of being home to some 10000 giant tortoises and Aldabra, the only flightless bird left in the Indian Ocean. The botanical garden in Seychelles is well worth a visit. No wonder people in Seychelles are among the happiest in the world and visitors consider them truly blessed. To know more about how you can plan a trip to this paradise, read my posts on Seychelles.

Anse Georgette, one of the best beaches in Praslin
Anse Georgette, one of the best beaches in Praslin

For all those who have been planning holidays but not been able to go, it is never too early to start travelling 😉 Let the travel begin .. may 2017 be the year of exploration 🙂

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