About me

I was born and brought up in Bokaro Steel City, Bihar(now Jharkhand). I did my bachelors and masters in Maths and Computing from IIT Kharagpur and went on to become a software professional like everyone else did. After 3 years in job, I started hungryzone.com, India’s first and most comprehensive efood portal (which later got acquired by Just Eat and then by Food Panda). Exited the company in 2009 and moved to Mumbai with my husband. I have been freelancing since then, working from home to be with my kiddo 🙂 He is a cute happy-go-lucky boy who loves holidays and Calvin & Hobbes 😛

We love travelling and need no excuse to plan holidays. We prefer a well-planned relaxed holiday. While we do not splurge much on holidays, we prefer a few days of luxury if its not too expensive. We like beaches, nature reserves and zoos, appreciate architecture and like exploring attractions that are unique to a destination.

My husband is a vegetarian and I am a non-veg; so we hunt for veg food in whichever country we are. Life is good – working, playing, relaxing, planning holidays (and then enjoying them 🙂 )


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