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Ravi, Vivaan and I in Cambodia
Ravi, Vivaan and I at Bayon Temple, Cambodia

My name is Priyanka and I live in Hyderabad, India. We travel as a family – my husband Ravi, I and our 9 year old son Vivaan. Ravi is a big travel enthusiast and I caught the travel bug after we got married. We have been travelling for the last 10 years and fortunately our son also loves it. I realised while planning our travels that there were quite a few questions for which I could not find answers online or the information was very scattered. I decided to blog about our experience and have been blogging since 2015.

Our travel style:

We prefer to travel on budget – not on shoestring budget like backpackers but still on a budget. We like to spend more on activities and experiences than on things like hotel or expensive food. We book budget hotels and lodges rather than 5 star hotels. We love staying at homestays or Airbnbs that give us a chance to interact with locals. We like beaches, nature reserves and zoos, appreciate architecture and like exploring attractions that are unique to a destination. Since we have a young kid, we try to accommodate a lot of kid-friendly activities in our itinerary. We are also very passionate about science, education and performing arts so our schedule may also include few such activities.

Our travel planning:

We plan our travels well in advance. We do some impromptu travels too, but they are few. We plan our vacations around our birthdays and anniversary so its easier to plan. We do not go through any travel agent and make all the bookings ourselves. I believe planning a holiday is as much fun as experiencing it. And then sorting out the pictures, making an album and writing blogs take a lot of time; but that helps us relive the memories of the vacation:)

Food habits:

Ravi and Vivaan are pure vegetarian while I eat chicken, mutton, fish and egg. We also do not smoke or drink. So our restaurant choices revolve around finding good vegetarian food. We like trying local cuisine as much as we can; including street food. Sometimes that is not possible and we have to stick to Indian food or ready-to-eat meals. For eg. its easy to find veg food in Vietnam but the choices are few. So we try the local cuisine but can’t have the same thing everyday! If you are looking for recommendations on seafood or drinks; this is not really the place to be!

On the professional front – I work as a freelancer; working on platforms like WordPress, Magento and Moodle. I like working with startups and young companies. Ravi runs his own boutique software firm. Vivaan is a happy-go-lucky boy who loves reading comics, is crazy about cricket & loves to play badminton and swim.

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