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Seychelles on a budget

Seychelles on a budget – Planning, cost, activities

If you are as fascinated with Seychelles the way we are, I hope this post helps you with everything you need to know about planning a Seychelles trip 🙂 We travelled to Seychelles in Dec 2016. We had a connecting flight from Seychelles to Mauritius in 2015 and we were in awe of the view that we […]

Creole Veg Curry

Veg, Indian: Food options in Seychelles

My husband being a vegetarian, our search for food mainly centres around veg food. Local Creole food in Seychelles usually consists of meat and fish, so veg options are limited. We did try different cuisines though. Italian, French, Indian and Creole food is available in Mahe. Praslin is much smaller and finding different cuisines is not that easy. […]

La Maison Hibiscus Self-catering Apartment, Beau Vallon, Seychelles

La Maison Hibiscus Apartment, Beau Vallon, Seychelles review

Seychelles is an expensive destination and booking a self-catering villa or rental apartment is a good way to save some money and still enjoy the place. I like vacation rentals because they give us a lot of flexibility and space along with the local feel of the place. We booked La Maison Hibiscus in Beau Vallon […]

Villa Idea, Praslin

Review of Villa Idea, Anse Kerlan, Praslin, Seychelles

We booked this self catering villa on Link to the property: Spacious and affordable villa in Anse Kerlan, Seychelles The host George has 2 villas next to each other and both are exactly the same in design and appearance. The place is around  2km  from the Praslin airport and is located near the Anse […]

Steps to plan your own holiday

10 easy steps to plan your own vacation

Planning to go on a holiday and don’t know where to start? Follow these easy steps and you are sure to have a great holiday 🙂 You will not need a tour operator ever again once you plan and realise how enjoyable planning your own holiday could be… It is never too early to start […]

Finding the right accommodation

Hotel/ Accommodation booking guide

One of the major aspects in any holiday planning is your stay. It can leave you with some memorable memories if the accommodation is good; and can dampen the entire experience if the stay is not up to the mark. That makes choosing the right accommodation very crucial. Since it depends on many factors, I decided to dedicate an entire […]

Are tour packages worth it?

Are tour packages worth it?

We always plan our holidays ourselves and get asked frequently by family and friends – “Why don’t you book tour packages”, “Some XYZ company has a good tour package for the country you are visiting, did you check them out?”. To be very frank, when we started travelling abroad we did ask for quotes from […]

Tips for first time travellers

Travelling abroad for the first time? Things to take care of…

Planning a honeymoon, babymoon or travelling abroad for the first time with family? Or you could be doing a solo trip. Travelling abroad for the first time is exciting, but sometimes scary too. I remember the first time we were on an overseas trip, I had jitters thinking how the other country would be. With […]

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