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Apply for Vietnam Visa online

Vietnam Tourist Visa : How to apply for e-visa online directly

Indian passport holders need to get a tourist visa to enter Vietnam, weather they are entering for a day or a month. There is a common misconception that this can be done only through a travel agent. There are popular websites directing visitors to another travel agent’s website (case in point this MMT article: […]

How to apply for Malaysia Visa

Apply for Malaysia Tourist Visa Online

Updated on: 17th January 2019 Disclaimer: This guide is for Indian passport holders travelling to Malaysia as tourists. The information mentioned is up to date at the time of writing the post. I will try to keep it updated. Please refer the official website for specific queries. eNTRI was discontinued for 10 days from January 1st […]

Steps to plan your own holiday

10 easy steps to plan your own vacation

Planning to go on a holiday and don’t know where to start? Follow these easy steps and you are sure to have a great holiday 🙂 You will not need a tour operator ever again once you plan and realise how enjoyable planning your own holiday could be… It is never too early to start […]

Finding the right accommodation

Hotel/ Accommodation booking guide

One of the major aspects in any holiday planning is your stay. It can leave you with some memorable memories if the accommodation is good; and can dampen the entire experience if the stay is not up to the mark. That makes choosing the right accommodation very crucial. Since it depends on many factors, I decided to dedicate an entire […]

Are tour packages worth it?

Are tour packages worth it?

We always plan our holidays ourselves and get asked frequently by family and friends – “Why don’t you book tour packages”, “Some XYZ company has a good tour package for the country you are visiting, did you check them out?”. To be very frank, when we started travelling abroad we did ask for quotes from […]

Tips for first time travellers

Travelling abroad for the first time? Things to take care of…

Planning a honeymoon, babymoon or travelling abroad for the first time with family? Or you could be doing a solo trip. Travelling abroad for the first time is exciting, but sometimes scary too. I remember the first time we were on an overseas trip, I had jitters thinking how the other country would be. With […]

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