Aero India 2019 – Show timings, tickets and everything you need to know about the air show

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Aero India Banaglore Airshow

Aero India 2019 – Show timings, tickets and everything you need to know about the air show

Disclaimer: This is not an official blog of Aero India and I have no connection with Aero India. I have written this post to help people who are planning to go for Aero India 2019 because we could not find any relevant information online when we went to Aero India 2017. Hope this helps. Please do not hold me responsible if there is any change this year!!

Aero India 2019 is just round the corner. It is to be held at Yelahanka air base in Bengaluru between 20th to 24th February 2019. Air Display Visitors will be allowed to only visit the Air display area (ADVA) during afternoon of 20th and 21st Feb 2019 and full day on 22nd -24th Feb 2019.

We thoroughly enjoyed the acrobatics and were enthralled by the display at the air show in Aero India 2017. Because of the lack of information about the air show online, I decided to quickly jot down a few points for those who are headed there.

My aviation enthusiast husband wanted to show my crazy-about-planes kiddo air show in Bangalore and we registered for the Aero India 2017 as a general visitor to the ADVA (air display viewing area). We would have ideally wanted to see the exhibition too, but that would mean going on a crowded weekend. Given we were travelling from Hyderabad only for the show, we did not want to do that. I and my husband have been to the air show almost a decade back and knew how crazy the weekend crowd is.

How to book the tickets?

You can register for the air show on their website General Visitor registration for ADVA can be done at  Registration for exhibition area can be done at

What are the prices of the tickets?

ADVA pass is for 600 INR. The exhibition pass is for 1800 INR. The prices for foreign nationals is 25 USD for ADVA and 35 USD for the exhibition.

What are the show timings?

You can check the schedule of the event on

Air display is on the afternoon of 20th Feb 2019 and full day on 21st -24 th Feb 2019. On 21.02.19, ‘Drone Olympics’ will be held in Forenoon and ‘Flying display’ in the Afternoon session. ADVA tickets get you access to both.

Morning slot: 10 am to 12 noon

Afternoon slot: 2 pm to 5 pm

You can go in anytime and stay as long as you want. However, you are not allowed in after you exit.

Exception to this: On 21.02.19, ‘Drone Olympics’ will be held in Forenoon and ‘Flying display’ in the Afternoon session. ADVA Visitors will to be allowed to visit both the events with the single ticket with double entry allowed on this day.

Are kids allowed in aero India 2019?

Yes, kids are allowed in the air show (ADVA) and static display area. Kids below 5 years do not need to register. Registration process for kids above 5 years is the same as adults. They can enter their parents ID cards along with their school ID for entry. Kids below 15 years are however not permitted in the business display area.

Is the online registration enough or one needs to redeem this pass?

Once you register, you get a confirmation mail. This can be shown at the counter at Yelahanka airbase (where the show is being held) to get the ticket. You need to carry your photo ID proof to get the pass.

Aeroindia 2017 Airshow ticket counter
Aeroindia 2017 Airshow ticket counter

We were in the queue for 20 min when we reached at 10:40 am. There are some 6 counters issuing the tickets/ passes.

This is how the pass looked like for ADVA 2017:

Aero india 2017 ADVA pass
Aero india 2017 ADVA pass/ ticket

Visitor’s name is also printed on the pass. However, the printer was not working when we reached and we got a general pass with no name on it.

Are eatables allowed inside?

Eatables are strictly not allowed inside. A bottle of water may be taken.

Is food available inside?

There was a food court inside which has various food stalls. A2B, pizza hut, dominos, Burger King, Nandini are some of the branded stalls. Other than that, biryani, pav bhaji, chole bhatura, chaat stalls were also available. Cafe coffee day guys sell sandwiches and beverages at various places in the viewing area itself. Anil and kwality ice creams are available too. Water is available for purchase. Food is priced higher than the prices in the outlets in the city though. Carry lots and lots of change though, they refuse to give change.

Is there place to sit?

There are few chairs which are high in demand. Otherwise you can just sit on the grass and watch the show.

What should I carry?

Carry caps/ hats, umbrella, sunscreen lotion, something to sit on and a good camera if you have one. We preferred to enjoy the show rather than keep clicking pictures. Other than that, if you have kids, carry some things for them to do time-pass during lunch.

What is the best time to reach?

The gates open at 9 am. Before that, you will need to collect the pass. The show can be seen from the ticketing area too, but there is nothing like viewing it from the ADVA area. It would be best to reach the airbase by 9 am so you are done with ticketing and security check before you reach the air display viewing area.

Which aircrafts are performing at the air show?

(This information is based on Aero Show 2017)

72 aircrafts performed at the air show 2017, most of them Indian and some from UK, US, Sweden. The famous Surya Kiran acrobatics team stole the show along with Sarang Team (Indian Air Force), the Scandinavian Air Show Team (Sweden) and the Yakovlevs Aerobatic Team (UK). The UK based AeroSuperBatics wingwalker team was one of the most popular shows. The show was a delight to watch and travelling from Hyderabad was totally worth it 🙂

Is there enough parking? How does one reach the airbase?

Click here for the Aero India 2019 map.

There is parking inside Gate No. 8. There was adequate parking space for a weekday, but would not be sufficient on the weekend. Some of the BIS buses going to the airport were stopping on the main road near the airbase.  The gate is some 2 km walk from the main road. Autos are available in plenty, but they are charging atrociously high (charged us Rs.80 from the gate to the main road on a weekday, and was trying to accommodate more passengers in the front seat too).

If you are headed to Aero India 2019 and have any quick questions, post them in the comment and I will try to revert as soon as I can. If you think someone can use this post to plan a quick trip, do share the post.


  1. I had booked two tickets for myself & my wife with booking ID AFSB010QZ99ZKT & AFSB010S4GAGZN and arrived at the parking lot by 11.30, but there was no arrangement for taking us to the venue, nor we were allowed to walk upto the venue. In the meantime fire broke in the parking lot and we have lost our car and returned home. Can I get refund of our ticket money and compensation for the damages caused to our car?

    1. Morning sessions are 2hrs and afternoon for 3 hrs. So some additional aircrafts fly in the afternoon. All major displays happen both in morning and afternoon though!

  2. Does 1800 bucks ticket allow me to adva as well as exhibition??
    Is that equivalent to exibitioner invitee pass??
    Please answer me quickly I’m in shortage of time

  3. I have exhibitor invitee pass, can we access both adva and exhibition area and two wheeler parking available

  4. I have exhibitor invitee pass, can we access both adva and exhibition area and two wheeler parking available

    1. Yes there is two wheeler parking, but get early before it gets full. Also, exhibition ticket gets you access to both air display and exhibition. So guess the pass so be equivalent to that

  5. Dear Priyanka,
    Thanks for the detailed review. Would you know the BMTC bus schedule to the aeroshow? Or are private operators like uber or meru allowed?

  6. Hi Priyanka, What is the difference between 600 Rs ticket nd 1800 RS ticket,, will the air show display area remains same, it varies with the price of ticket we buy ??

    1. Air display remains same. Difference is the exhibition area where aviation companies put up their stalls to display latest technology and innovation in the industry. You do not get access to exhibition area in 600rs ticket

  7. I m going with 18 month old.. Is food allowed for babies? Also, we are planning to be only in morning session.. Will I be missing on much if I won’t stay for afternoon? thanks

    1. Food is not allowed. I am not sure if there are any special concession they make for babies that age. You won’t be missing much if you only go for the motioning session, they are more or less same

  8. Is the aero show safe for babies , am asking with concern regarding the flight noise . My niece is just a year old . Any precautions that needs to be taken and is baby food allowed inside.
    Anything else we are suppose to know when watching the show with a baby

    1. The noise is high, considering you are very close to the runway. Also, there will be lot of dust and heat because it’s an open field. You may want to carry umbrellas, caps etc

  9. Hi,
    i have booked for 23.02.19 show. in my ticket they stated time as 9.30 am. but it has two shows on that day i.e. 10 to 12pm, 2 to 5.30pm . can i attend both the shows with that same ticket, confused with this. bcoz one is 2hrs duration and noon section is 3.5hrs duration

    1. Yes you can stay for the 2nd session also. You can stay inside for as long as you want, but you are not allowed again after you exit once.

  10. hi.. i want to go for 24th afternoon air display show. However, on book my show its only giving one option of booking it for 9.30am. Please suggest. 

  11. Hi, we have 1800 Rs tickets, so can we take our car? Or do we need to buy parking separately? Also, do you suggest taking your own car or going by a taxi?


    1. You can take your car, but parking may not be sufficient; especially on a weekend. You will have to go early if you want to secure a parking spot. There may be parking charges, but I am not sure about it.

  12. Hi, we got tickets which states 9.30 AM, does that mean we can only see 10 -12 show or we have option to choose any 10-12 or 2-5 PM

    1. The ticket is valid throughout the day. You can stay as long as you want, but there is no re-entry after you exit

  13. For general visitors with 1800 ticket,where the car can be parked? Is it at domestic parking area?.will it occupied fast on Saturday morning 9am?

  14. Hi, i plan to book for general visitor costing 1800/- each .My daughter is 8 yr old . Is she allowed on this category and to the display area

  15. My husband wants to take my 8yr old nephew who doesn’t have an ID. How to go about the ID it since the parent is not accompanying?

  16. Hello Priyanka,
    Thank you for this neat article filled with all the information.
    I have a question to which you have already kind of answered to. Regarding carrying a camera. Can we take a DSLR camera with a bigger lens inside ? Are there any restriction or special permissions/tickets needed for this ? I’m unable to find this information anywhere.

    1. Those who visited on 20th said camera, umbrella and caps were allowed. You do not need any special ticket for DSLR

  17. Is camera allowed in the exhibition area? In the prohibited items printed on the ticket, it indicates camera as prohibited.

    1. Those who visited on 20th said camera, umbrella and caps were allowed. Last time foldable chairso were allowed, not sure this year

  18. Which ticket should I buy to access the airshow? Should I buy RS 600 tickets to watch the show?

  19. I have booked 4 tickets from book my show … but I have given same name n same ID number for all d four tickets… will Dey allow 4 persons if we carry our original ID proofs with ticket printouts..

  20. Just wanted to make sure whether cameras are allowed in the air show? It says that cameras are prohibited on the ticket but people who have been there earlier told me it was fine to carry a camera with me. TIA

  21. I booked ticket via bookmyshow but in one of the ticket name is wrong but ID icon correct and bookmyshow people are saying it can be changed there itself at gate 8,is it possible to get it changed over there?

  22. Last time I had purchased the ticket from over the counter in Mg road, one small setup was there near metro station.
    Do any such sort of set up is the there this time or we have to register online in aero portal n then collect the ticket from there.
    Is bookmyshow tickets are valid..
    Pls confirm
    Thanks in advance..

  23. Nice blog, thx for that. On Aero india web site, they have put up a route map, which mentions ADVA parking area is no. 24, but did not find this number mentioned in the map. Any idea?

  24. Just got a message from BookMyShow clearly saying General Visitor (Rs 1,800 one) ticket holder will not get access to airshow. It’s so confusing. BookMyShow is asking us to buy two different tickets. Anyone who has already visited in 2019, please advise. Looks like rules have been changed for 2019 AeroShow

  25. i booked a ticket for me on 20 02 2019 for 23 02 2019 aero india show.but i want to book today again on 21 02 2019 for me and my daughter for the same 23 02 2019 aero show by cancelling the single ticket in my name.because our show gate numbers will differ.can i cancel the ticket dated 20 02 2019?today is 21 02 2019.plz reply to my mob 7829892586 or email

    1. If you are taking the same category of tickets, there are no different gates. The air display area is an open air ground. You do not need to cancel your ticket, only buy one more ticket. If you want to buy ticket in different category, you need to forgo this one because there is no cancellation

    1. Any news on whether General Visitor ticket holders are allowed access to Air Show. I contact BookMyShow and they clearly said we need to buy two different tickets General Visitor + ADVA in case we want to access air show. Has anyone visited 2019 show with General Visitor ticket and got access to Air show? I’m not convinced with BookMyShow’s logic of buying two different tickets. Cannot imagine going to Gate 5 first with one ticket and then to Gate no 8 with another ticket. What a mess!

      1. Hi Parry,
        You do not need to buy another ticket for air show. Air display is visible from the exhibition area too, infact you get a better view of the runway and airshow.
        How it helps!

  26. Hi I need to know what is business visitor and air display visitor
    And does show is available on 22nd and 24th

    1. General visitor ticket gets access to air display as well as exhibition. Exhibition will have stalls by aviation companies displaying new technology and innovation in the industry

  27. I see that they explicitly mention no tickets for kids till age 5. Would you happen to know if a 5.5 year old kid would require a ticket?

      1. Thanks very much! Do you know if I can use my ID to book a ticket for my kid? She just has a school ID and no govt ID..

        Also the evening air display has an hour extra compared to the morning. Would you happen to remember if there is more “content” in the evening in comparison to the morning display? (morning display lasts 2 hours)

        1. I will suggest you book with your ID and take both your ID and her school ID card.

          And yes there were few more aircrafts in the evening last time.

  28. The ticket terms and conditions says Cameras and Umbrellas not allowed, True? I am taking my parents, was planning to take small foldable chairs, Would it be allowed?

    1. Was allowed last time. But the ticket this time mentions it is prohibited. We will have to wait for someone’s input this time

  29. Hi,
    I really found this information very very helpful… I really had no idea about how the things would be…
    Great job! Keep it up!

  30. Hey. So the Airshow tomorrow starts at 9. But on bookmyBook there is a airshow slot of 1pm. Regardless of that, I can still enter at 9 right?

      1. Hi Priyanka , what is difference between air display visitor and general visitor?.i saw difference in book my show .But not able to understand clearly.Can u please elaborate?.. thanks

        1. General visitor ticket gets access to air display as well as exhibition. Exhibition will have stalls by aviation companies displaying new technology and innovation in the industry

  31. I have booked ticket for 2. one of my friend isnt joining for aero india 2019. I booked it through book my show. can i sell the ticket to another person as the friend of mine isnt joining? can another person ticket that ticket, provide valid ID proof and enter the show? please let me know asap

  32. The tickets issued by BookMyShow list camera, umbrella and backpack as prohibited items. This is something they tell you _after_ booking. My primary reason for going is to click some pictures :-/ No response from BMS or Aero India on Twitter or Facebook. Need someone on site to verify after day one.

  33. i heard that there is a new rule this year that there are no cameras and backpacks allowed? Are you aware of this? Please let me know. Also I heard that there is an Instagram contest organized by Aero India. So if we would want to participate from where do we click the snaps? Is there a designated area?

  34. The ticket issued by BookMyShow lists camera, umbrella and backpack among prohibited items. This is something they tell you _after_ you book the ticket. My very purpose of going to the show is to click some pictures :-/
    No response from BMS or AeroIndia on Twitter of Facebook. Need someone on site to verify after day 1.

  35. Is the exhibition is only for static aircrafts on show? How much of the ADVA ticket will cover the exhibition part? Is photography allowed and included in the ticket charge or is there any separate charge for a DSLR?

  36. Hi,

    I am planning to visit only one day.

    Can you recommend which will be the best day to go in those 5 days? considering the events i can cover and crowd ?

    1. I would have chosen 21st. They have drone Olympics in the first half and airshow in the afternoon. Given it’s a weekday, crowd would be less compared to other days.
      Hope it helps!

  37. Hi Priyanka,

    Is there any sort of transportation from parking lot to the ticket counters? From the map it looks to be pretty far. Tough to manage with kids

    1. No. There is no transportation from the parking lot. It wasn’t difficult with our 6yr old 2 years back though!

  38. We have taken exhibition pass ( 1800 INR) .Should we take separate ticket to view Air show or is it included. Kindly confirm

  39. Can you kindly explain the frisking process at aero show? As I am transitioning (medically gender change process), it means the photo on my ID card & my current face is little different. Hence, I want to know the frisking process.

    1. ID proof is definitely checked Sam. There was no physical frisking, only bags were checked. I am not sure about your case though!

  40. Hi, thanks for the info. I don’t see anyone else providing this kind of info.
    How much is the sound level? Is too much to bear for kids who are little sensitive?

    1. Sound levels would definitely be very high. When globemaster takes off you will feel the ground shaking. Better to carry earplugs.

  41. Hi, I booked 3 Tickets in book my show.. and I used my email ID and my Mobile no for all three it ok to book multiple tickets with same e mail I’d and same Mobile no.kinly suggest me..

      1. Hi I booked one ticket for my mother and i am not going for the show can i share my id proof to my mom and if she carrys her id proof also will they allow ..??

        1. The tickets are non transferable. I am not sure if they will make any special consideration in your case.

  42. Hi,

    I bought an ADVA ticket from Bookmyshow and it says cameras are not allowed. I also registered for Aero India Photography competition and its terms and conditions say I can carry a camera. So I called a Nodal Officer associated with the show and he had no clue about this. Is there any other way to know for sure?

    Kindly let me know.

    1. Unfortunately there is no other way. I posted a query on their Facebook page but there is no reply yet! I am surprised too because visitors definitely carry camera to take pictures of the air show

      1. Yes they are. However, it’s in open so quite hot. Also there will be lot of dust and outside food is not allowed. You may want to consider these before taking your infant

  43. Will a person receive an Email ticket if he has booked the ticket from aeroindia website,or is it only for the people who has booked it from BookMyShow?

  44. I have booked my ticket from the aeroindia website and I got a confirmation email too. Is that enough for me to gain access to the ADVA,or is there any E ticket needed?

    1. That email will have your registration number. You will need to show that along with your ID Proof to get the pass at the counter there

    1. I am surprised too. People visiting airshow will want to take pictures. This restriction wasn’t there last time and unfortunately there is no way to know about it too!

  45. Hi Priyanka , Truly appreciate your inputs about the past show..greatly helps esp if you are a parent of a totally-crazy-about-aircrafts child. What comprises the exhibition area ? What do they show in the halls ? Do they have real aircrafts on display or only models ? Is the exhibition area visible from the ADVA ? My child wants to know if they get to see the jets, view interiors , touch them …etc :-(). Your inputs greatly appreciated. Thank you

    1. Hi Radha,
      Apologies for late reply. Exhibition area will have aviation companies put up stalls. They will have latest technology and innovation. There will be real aircrafts and models too. You are not allowed to touch aircrafts, view interiors etc. The ADVA area also has a static display area that has some real aircrafts and some models, not many. You cannot touch or see interiors even here. IMO, even ADVA ticket is very good for a child, unless you are interested in latest innovation

    1. General ticket gets you access to the exhibition where aviation companies put up stalls displaying latest technology and innovation in the industry. It also gets you access to air show.

  46. Super it helped me lot.
    But I need to watch 3 days with exhibition. What to do.
    And what will be their in exhibition.

      1. I received some kind of a ticket today & it explicitly states that camera, backpack, umbrella…are not allowed. This makes me feel very puzzle. How can an air show prohibit taking photos?! The reason I come is to take photos! Is there any place I can try to clarify such strange rules?

        1. I am surprised too William. Everyone in the air show did take photos. This restriction was not there last time and unfortunately there is no way to get clarity on it:-(

    1. ADVA allows access only to air show are. General ticket is fit those who want to go to exhibition and see the air show too.

    1. 1. You need to buy general ticket
      2. General ticket visitors are allowed only on 23rd and 24th, both weekend. It will be crowded on both days
      3. no idea. But air display is in open area, so it should be allowed

  47. I just want to see the air show… For that what ticket I should book?? 600₹ or 1800₹ ?

  48. Thanks a ton for all the info on Aero India
    Can you please tell me
    What is the online ticket thats is available for 20th Feb wednesday?

  49. If I buy the General Visitor pass of Rs.1800, can I visit both the exhibition and the flying display?

      1. Hi Thanks Priyanka .. i have just now booked a Rs 1800 pass for 23 Feb 2019 .. hope that gets me in to the exhibition area as well as the air show ( both).. ur info on collecting the passes from the counter is very helpful

  50. The bookmyshow tickets I booked says no camera’s are allowed !!! Please clarify. I booked ticket only to take pics !

    1. Yes you can. But you cannot come out in between. Once you exit, you won’t be allowed inside again. There are food stalls inside for lunch in between the 2 displays

  51. Thanks for all the details. I need your advice on a problem I have. By mistake I have booked a ticket for 21st instead of 24th. Is this a problem, since I will be going there only once.

  52. Hello … I want book a ticket for 4 members so how can I book that Adva visitor ticket I have searched it on book my show but their booking limit is only 1

  53. Hi Priyank,

    Great post and congrats for the details.

    I just trying to reason myself to buy a General ticket against the ADVA.
    I’m not sure if you’ve visited the HAL museum in Bangalore. It to has a gallery and planes. not sure if it would be similar.

    just looking for some motivation here!


    1. I am a regular to HAL museum. There about 15-20 planes in display outside. Most of them are old. Also there is a library inside which has information of our countries aviation history. Also they have a simulation ride but that is average.
      Overall a couple of hours visit should be good.

  54. this is a good write up on all the FAQs. Great job.

    two more queries from my side.

    1. Will there be air display on all 4 days ?? (i.e 21,22,23,24 all days planes will fly about & acrobat in 2 mentioned slots ?? )

    2. any idea about which all planes would fly on which days ? OR all planes fly and acrobat each day ? (where i can find this list can also be helpful)

    1. Air display is in the 2nd half on 21st and twice on rest of the days. Link got the schedule is there in the blog.

  55. Hello, Thanks for sharing the info , What is the last day to book the ticket ? for example I want visit 23 rd can i book ticket on 22nd feb 2019 , from Air Display Visitor ( ADV ) can we see air show from 600 rupees . I am not interested in exhibition

    1. I am not aware of any last date. Its an open air display so maybe there is no last date. You can still check on 20th if tickets are available for 21st and then decide when you want to book your tickets. And yes, you can see air display from the ADVA tickets.

  56. i have purchased general visitor ticket do i have to buy air display show tickets for the air show

  57. Thanks a lot for the information.

    do we need to buy the ADVA ticket in addition to general visitor ticket if we want to watch the air show ? or do we have any viewing platform in the General visitor area itself for seeing the air display ? thanks

  58. Hi Priyanka, I want to know the difference between “General Visitors” – Rs.1800 & Air Display Visitor Area (ADVA) – Rs.600. Although i have gone through your previous questions, i’m not able to come to the conclusion on which ticket i should buy. I would be going with mine & friends family with kids. Can you little bit elaborate more on this and help me to choose the tickets. Few years back i went with family and had a terrible experience as it very hot, i think that time i visited ADVA area which doesn’t have any shades for kids or elders.

    Selva Kumar M

    1. General visitors get to see air show as well as exhibition. There are some shaded areas from where you can view the airshow. ADVA is the open air ground and it does not have any shades etc.

      Hope it helps!

  59. Thanks for good information which you sharing,

    I want to book General Visitor with 3 kids of age between 6 to 15, My only intention is to have closer look of parked planes ( Display) and also to visit exhibition. As you mentioned kids not allowed in exhibition which no where mentioned in official site. Could you please share information more on this. And also for Kids ( 2 kids) not having passports / voters card( which other document works ?

    1. Hi Praveen,

      Kids less than 16 yrs are not allowed on the business days. There is nothing mentioned about kids in the general visitor section, so I am not sure if they are allowed or not. I do not see any reason why they will not be allowed though!

      Also, with general visitor; you get access to the exhibition, static display area and air show; you do not get access to the hangar/parked planes. Static display area has few planes and few models.

      I am not sure what IDs work for kids. We used Aadhar card in 2017 for our 6 yr old and that worked. Not sure what else you can try.

      Hope this helps!

  60. Thanks for the good blog.

    I am an ADVA Visitor and want to book 4 tickets for the aeroshow on 24/02/2019.
    But the website is not allowing me to select more then one person.
    In the “Select Person” list it always show “1”.
    I have tried this on chrome, IE and firefox browsers.

    How to book ticket for 4 people in a single payment?
    Will I have to book ticket separately for each person?

  61. Hi..

    Thank you for details you have uploaded much appreciated..

    Me an my 6 year old son both airplane enthusiast want to visit the air show from Rajasthan.

    We are traveling specially for the show on 21st and 22nd both full days.. as we can travel on only these two days
    would want your help on below .

    a. Will it better to buy a General Ticket (1800) as we will be there for both the ADVA show morning and evening on both
    days.. (budget is not a issue we want to have the best and bit comfortable location/view with my 6 year old son )

    b. We really want to visit the exhibition area and static display area, what tickets do we need to buy and will it be possible to enter these areas on 21st or 22nd.

    c. If we enter the static display area do they allow very up close just near the airplanes parked.

    d. Will a 6 year old boy be allowed in static display and exhibition area.

    Your help on this will be high appreciated.. looking for a reply.


    1. Hi Anubhav,

      General visitors are allowed in the exhibition area only on 23rd and 24th. 21st morning is the drone olympics and afternoon air display. 22nd there are 2 slots for air display – morning and evening. And even with the general ticket you can only see the air show and exhibition.

      Hope it helps!

      1. Dear Priyanka..

        Thank you for the reply .. you are a great help to us ..

        My last question below as its a bit confusing..

        As we can only visit on 21st (full Day ) and 22nd (Full Day )

        what difference would two tickets as below will make

        Air Display Visitor (ADVA) 600 INR/day for Indian nationals.


        General Visitor 1800 INR/day for Indian nationals.

        Taking in consideration we would like to have a best view and as you said 23rd and 24th feb only we can visit the exhibition.

        Can we see static display up close with general ticket or for us on 21st and 22nd both type of tickets would give us same view and access.

        Thanks & Regards,


        1. General tickets are not available for 21st and 22nd. You have no choice but to buy ADVA ticket. Static display is not the parked planes. It is a room with few planes and few scale models. It can be seen with ADVA ticket only.

          Hope it help!

  62. is any bank issuing ADVA tickets this time?? or we have to buy tickets online only??..
    Harish Pai

    1. I am not sure if any bank is selling tickets. You can check with AXIS bank, which did it last time. CCD is definitely not selling.

  63. Hi, I am not able to figure out the events planned for 21st Feb. While booking ADVA tickets –

    1) At the top it says (in Orange text):
    ADVA Visitors (Air Display Visitors) will be allowed to only visit the Air display area during afternoon of 20th Feb 2019 and full day on 21 st -24 th Feb 2019. On 21.02.19, ‘Drone Olympics’ will be held in Forenoon and ‘Flying display’ in the Afternoon session.

    2) At the bottom it says (in Red text):
    There would be no Flying Display on forenoon of 20th and 21th Feb 2019 for visitors, however Drone Olympics will be held on forenoon of 21st Feb 2019

    So, will there by a Flying Display on 21st Feb or not?

    Appreciate your help!

    1. There is drone olympics planned for morning session on 21st and usual air show (air display) in the afternoon. However, timings for drone olympics is not mentioned anyweher. This is the only day when the same ADVA tickets can be used for double entry.

  64. Hello Priyanka,
    First and foremost, a big thanks for the guidance. Couple of Questions since I intend to buy the ADVA tickets –
    1-With General visitor pass, I presume I can see the exhibitor stall also. My main Interest is to see the planes in action and the static display to see the standing aircraft. Can I see them even with the ADVA tickets?
    2- Is there any time restriction for the ADV ticket holders? I presume the planes fly all day.

    Many thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Rakesh,

      1) You can see the planes in action with both ADVA and general visitor ticket. However, you cannot see the planes parked with any ticket. The only difference between ADVA and general ticket is the exhibition.Exhibition will have stalls from aviation companies that exhibit their products / innovations. It will also have planes and scale models on display, but am not sure if the number will be very large.

      2) There are 2 slots for air show – 10 am to 12 pm and 2pm – 5pm. On 20th and 21st, air show is only in the 2nd half. There is a drone olympics on 21st 1st half which can be seen with ADVA tickets itself.This is the only day when the same ADVA tickets can be used for double entry.

      Enjoy the show 🙂

  65. I bought a General Visitor Ticket online, do I have to still collect a pass at the air base, or a print out of online transaction emailed by the aero India website sufficient?

  66. Thank you for sharing all the information. I wish the organizers shared as much information 🙂 A couple of questions:

    1. We’d like to go in the morning and catch both the morning air-display as well as the one in the afternoon. Given the lack of seating options and the vast open grounds, does it make better sense to buy General Visitor tickets and stay indoors between the morning and afternoon shows? The air-display view for general visitors will be no worse than the ones for Air-display visitors right?

    2. Do general visitors have access to the static display area where planes are parked?

    3. Do general visitors have access to the catering/food court area?


    1. Hi Nirupesh,

      1) The air display view is better from the general visitors area. However, you can relax indoors at the food stall in between the 2 shows. There are no seating arrangements there though!
      2) No. The access is only for airshow and the exhibition.
      3) Yes, general visitors have access to food court.

      Hope it helps. Enjoy the show:)

  67. Hi Priyanka,

    Thanks for taking time to answer all our questions. I am having below doubts.

    1. Can we see the airshow under shade holding the General visitor tickets under Exhibition area? Reason I ask is I think ADVA ticket is under open field and the sun is going to beat us down. These days its too sunny.

    2. Is General visitor tickets worth the price? Will we have exhibition stalls all the day from the Aviation companies? will they have jets or planes in display? What will be in exhibition any idea?

    Eagerly waiting for your response. Thanks in advance.


    1. Hi Manju,

      Glad to be of help 🙂

      1) Yes the general exhibition area had lot of shade when we went in 2017. If the setup is same this year, you should be able to see the aeroshow more comfortably than from ADVA. Keep caps/umbrella handy though!
      2) Depends on your enthu about aviation industry. These are mostly for business users and they open it to public to create awareness about aviation technology in general. The stalls will be there through the day. They will have scale models on display and some planes too!.

      Hope it helps!

  68. Hi,
    From my understanding General visitor ticket & Air Display visitor ticket are separate. Its not like, I take a General visitor ticket and visit the Air Display show too. Am I correct?

    Moreover, the Exhibition and Air Display are at two different locations or the same location?

    Thanks in Advance

    1. Yes the 2 tickets are separate. You can view the air display with both the tickets, general ticket giving a better view.

      1. Hi Priyanka, last time tickets were issued at CCDs and Axis banks too. Anything like that this time too? Or the email confirmation which I received post payment after online booking is enough to get entry ?

        1. CCD is not selling the tickets this time, not sure about AXIS bank. And you will have to collect the ticket from the counter at Yelahanka air base even after the online booking. Atleast that was the procedure last time!

  69. Hey,
    Do we have to purchase ticket for 4.5 year old kid for General Visitor to visit exhibition area? Thanks in Advance.

    1. Kids below 5 are free in the ADVA area. I am not sure about the exhibition area, but I see no reason why they should not be allowed.

  70. HI,

    How do we book multiple tickets? Also 21st or 22nd would be best to be at the aero show (considering drone olympics)

    1. Hi Sunil,

      You need to use multiple phone no and email IDs to book tickets. Also, drone olympics is only on 21st forenoon, so if you want to see that; you need to book tickets for 21st.

      Hope it helps!

      1. Hi Priyanka,

        This would be my first aeroshow and i would be travelling with my kid. Drone olympics with aero display will be better choice or go on 22nd with aero display in morning and afternoon? I am not sure what drone olympics means 🙂

        1. If I were you, I will choose drone olympics and aero show both. Drone olympics is being held for the 1st time and it would be great exposure for kids any age 🙂

  71. Hello Team,

    Few minutes back i have booked 2 tickets and apparently i haven’t received any email confirmation nor e-tickets. any help on this would be much appreciated.

    1. Hi Achal,

      I am a blogger and not related to Aero India in any way. You should get in touch with them for any queries. Their email ID is and they also have facebook page link on the site.

      If you made the payment, you must have received a reference number that you can quote.

      Hope this helps!

    1. General visitor. The exhibition has many scale models and latest technology related to aviation industry is exhibited.

  72. From where I can see the clear view of air show? Which ticket should I buy for it? ADVA or as general visitor?

    1. You can see the airshow with both the tickets. The view is better from the exhibition area and the crowd is lesser too.

  73. Hi,

    If we purchase only the ADVA ticket will we be able to visit the food stalls between the morning and afternoon flying display? Also, the flying display only takes place on 23rd and 24th? Or on other days as well.

    1. Hi Abhirami,

      Food stalls are in the ADVA area so yes you can visit them whenever you wish to.
      Air display is on the afternoon of 20th Feb 2019 and full day on 21 st -24 th Feb 2019. On 21.02.19, ‘Drone Olympics’ will be held in Forenoon and ‘Flying display’ in the Afternoon session. ADVA tickets get you access to both.

      Enjoy the show 🙂

  74. Hi, Thanks for the write-up. I want to take my kid (11 years) to the aero show. This would be my first time as well. Please recommend when we should go to see the aircrafts flying show. Thanks.

      1. hi,this is Sowmya my father is ex servicemen in IAF so can clarify me is that complsary to have a ticket… to the airshow

          1. I am not related to the the Aero India management Sowmya. You will have to find out from your father’s official contacts

  75. Mam we can visit adva and exhibition on same day we booked 1800 plus 600… after visit exhibition we can visit ADVA with out coming out

  76. Am planning to buy ticket for ADVA alone , looks we can buy only one ticket using a mail/ phone number … Do you have any idea where we can buy multiple tickets under a single purchase..

    1. Nope. Till 2017 they allowed multiple tickets using one ID, but this year they are not. And looks like CCD is also not stocking the tickets this year.

    1. Hi David,

      There are webinars which are free. You can register for them online. I am not sure about the seminars; you will have to check with someone associated with the industry.You can also mail and see if they reply back.


  77. Hi priyanka
    I have 2 doubts abot the ADVA, (1) can i watch the planes parked from close proximity in the 600 ticket, (2) what is the exhibition area that is accessible by the 1800 ticket
    Thank you

    1. Hi Rehan,

      No you cannot see planes parked from proximity from ADVA or from exhibition area. Exhibition area is basically stalls from aviation companies that exhibit new technologies and products related to the industry.

      Hope it helps!


    1. Hi Udaya,

      The Rs.1800 ticket includes both ADVA and exhibition. You do not need to buy 2 tickets.

      Enjoy the show!

      1. Sir we taken Both ticket on both that day because my husband wrongly book ed 600 ticket too..we cannot cancel , can I give the ticket to some one…can I visit both show in same day..

        1. Hi Udaya,

          Tickets are non-transferable. You can stay inside the ADVA as long as you want after you enter. So you can see both the shows. You are not allowed to enter again after you exit though!

          Hope it helps!

  79. Hi, while booking tickets I can book only one ticket at a time. I need to book total of 4 tickets [3 adults + 1 child (10 years)]. Can you please help me out in this regard.


    1. Hi Sonia,

      There is no option to book more than one tickets online this time. You will have to make multiple purchases. You can use the same email ID on multiple tickets though, so that should not be a problem.

      Hope this helps!

  80. Thanks for the detailed info.
    Just wanted to know if we can carry portable folding chairs for elderly parents?

    1. Yes Rupesh. We saw some visitors with portable chairs and prams for kids. Unless there has been some change in rules this time, they should be allowed.

  81. Hi, are we allowed to carry cameras into exhibition area? If not can we use it for air display and then submit the cameras. Also are we allowed to collect pass on behalf of others as i have 3 tickets booked but all seperately booked.

    1. Hi Shaleen,

      Cameras are definitely allowed in ADVA area. I am not sure about core exhibition area, but there will be some locker facilities if they are not allowed. In any case, I have written to one of the readers who had visited the exhibition area to clarify. I will let you know if he replies.

      If the 3 tickets are booked separately, all 3 persons will have to go and collect it. You need to carry the same photo ID proof that you used during registration to collect the tickets.

      Hope it helps!

  82. Hi Priyanka,

    I was trying to book the visitors ticket online but it is constantly showing a pop-up of invalid otp.
    I emailed Aero India and they asked me for the reference number.
    I never got a reference number from the website only otps on phone and email.
    I wanted to know if you have faced similar problem while booking
    or Is there another way of booking the tickets offline.

    Help and suggestions would be appreciated.


    1. Hi Tanvi,

      I did not face any issue while booking tickets. Maybe you can try with another phone no?

      Tickets are usually available in Cafe Coffee Day outlets till 2017 Aero India. You can call and check CCD Koramangala/JP Nagar/MG Road outlets. These are the most common CCDs that sell Aero India tickets.

      Hope this helps!

  83. Hi
    Can 3 tickets booked in a single transaction. I tried but website asks for only one name.
    Thanks for the detailed I information.

    1. Hi Panchakshari,

      You can book 3 tickets together. You need to provide one name and produce the same ID proof that you mention while registration at the counter when collecting your pass.

      Hope this helps!

      1. Hi Panchakshari,

        I made a mistake in my previous reply. Booking 3 tickets together was allowed in 2017, but this year you will need to book tickets separately.

        Sorry about the previous goof-up.

  84. Hi, I recently bought tickets for 1800, what is your experience in the exhibition area excluding crowd?
    Can i view the air displays from this area itself or i need to buy tickets to ADVA area in order to view?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Raashil,

      We went for the ADVA tickets which was Rs.600. But you can see in the comments below that Rakesh has mentioned “A friend of mine had taken me to the airshow 4 years back through a complementary Rs.2000 ticket. That view was good and we had access to the exhibition counters.”

      I remember the viewing area for this ticket had stalls and visitors could sit on chairs and see the show.

      Enjoy the airshow!

    2. Hello Raashil, Rs. 1800 tickets are for ADVA+Exhibition, no need of any other tickets. Exhibition area will be interesting for kids (above 10 yrs). Loads of things to view and understand. Since majority of the crowd will be busy watching airshow its advised to spend time in exhibition area forenoon and step outside after noon for 2nd batch of air display.
      1800 tickets are meant to watch aircrafts take-off and landing as well apart from air display, but due to packed crowd, chances of securing a place right behind fence is bleak. This means the view is good as 600 Rs tickets.
      Suggest to reserve your schedule for “air display” to after noon for a slightly better view.

      Have fun!

      1. Hi Rajoo,

        Thanks for the detailed reply. Can you reply to this question posted by Shaleen:

        Are we allowed to carry cameras into exhibition area? If not can we use it for air display and then submit the cameras.


  85. Hi,

    I have received the payment receipt for 2019 Air Show. But I did not get any option to choose the available slots i.e. 10 am-12 pm and 2-5 pm.
    So, whom to contact for the same?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Sumi,

      You can go anytime of the day when visitors are allowed and stay back for as long as you want. Once you get out, you cannot go back again on the same ticket.


  86. Hi Priyanka,

    Thanks for the detailed post, had a query. Did you buy the Rs. 600 ticket or Rs. 2000?
    How is the view for Rs. 600 ticket? Are there any exhibition counters there to see? Also is the entrance different for it.

    A friend of mine had taken me to the airshow 4 years back through a complementary Rs.2000 ticket. That view was good and we had access to the exhibition counters.

    Appreciate your reply.


    1. Hi Rakesh,

      We had taken the Rs.600 ticket. The entrance for both Rs.600 and Rs.2000 tickets are different. Also, Rs.2000 tickets give you access to exhibition and stalls; which is not there for Rs.600 tickets. Rs.600 ticket gives you access ONLY to the open ground from where you can see the airshow.

      Hope this helps!

  87. Hi Priyanka,

    Thanks for the info and keep it live after 2 years as well.

    I’m planning to go with my 2 kids (Elder 4 Yrs and Younger 1.5 yrs). First question is my mind is can I afford to take them and be safe in handling them. What all other requirements and challanges I might come over, other stuffs should be ready for my kids and your all advises will be helpful to us.

    And if you have any updated information Aero India 2019 will be appreciated.

    Many Thanks in Advance. !

    1. Hi Anand,

      You can take your kids along, they will love the airshow. However, its an open ground and could be dusty. You may want to carry masks for the dust, cap for the heat; and if you have some portable chairs for kids. There are some shaded places, but those are very few and the view from there may not be that good. Food stalls are there, though they are expensive as expected in such shows.

      Enjoy the show 🙂

  88. Hai thanks for your detailed explanation. As a first time visitor to the Aero india 2019 ,what is mean by ADVA ? is it something we can enjoy the flying display with the some facilities provided by the govt?

    1. Hi Sankar,

      ADVA is Air Display Visual Area. Its a huge ground where visitors can stand and watch the air show. It has food stalls etc.

      Hope it helps! Enjoy the air show 🙂


    1. There is no way to surely know. If they have 2 shows, they will be at 10am and 2:30pm. If 3, they will be at 10am, 12:15 and 2:45 types.

    1. You can go anytime of the day between 9am to 5pm. The show timings were 10am – 12:30pm and 2:30 pm-5 pm on Thursday.They may have 3 shows on the weekend.

  89. I did not receive any emails but I do have a registration confirmation number so should that be enough to get the tickets for the ADVA area?

    1. How did you get the confirmation number? Did you check your spam folder for the mail? They ask for the printout of the confirmation mail at the counter, that has the registration ID, transaction number and the amount paid. This is checked at the gate and then at the ticketing counter. Over the weekend when there will be rush, I don’t know how much patience those guys will have. I would suggest you reach early around 8:30 am and try. Best wishes.

  90. Great Info for first time visitors like myself esp. when nothing much is available on Internet – Thanks

    1. Thanks Nitin. That is what prompted me to write. While there were many photos and videos, there was no information. We tried calling up the number on the website but it was always switched off. It would have been a huge disappointment for us if we had not seen the show, especially since we went all the way from HYD only for the airshow.

    1. You need to go to Gate No.8. You can ask the police personnel deployed outside and they will guide you. Once inside, you can go to the ticketing counter to get the pass.

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