Punnami Orvakal Festival: June 9-11

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Punnami Orvakal Festival: June 9-11

We are headed to Punnami Orvakal festival on 9th June. This is the first edition of this event and there is not much awareness about it. We have been to Oravakallu Rock garden earlier and you can read about our experience in this post.

This festival promoted by AP Tourism claims to be one of its kinds that will have activities like hot air ballooning, fire stunts, live performances by classical and contemporary artists and DJs as well.

What is the venue of Punnami Orvakal Festival?

The festival will be held inside Oravakallu rock gardens, situated in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh.

Distances from major cities:

  • Hyderabad: 234 km
  • Kurnool city: 22 km
  • Chennai: 442 km
  • Bengaluru: 360 km

What are the events at Punnami Orvakal Festival?

The event promises to have plethora or events:

  • Classical Dance
  • Fire dance and stunts
  • Russian Ballet
  • Live performance by Anuj Gurwara and Bhargavi Pillai
  • Live performance by Indian ocean
  • Spanish Flemenco dance
  • Stem dance troupe
  • UV dance
  • Standup comedy
  • Story of dance presented in an artistic form
  • Swinging flea market

There are some paid adventure sports activities too:

  • Tethered hot air balloon (Kids below 12 yrs not allowed)
  • Rock climbing
  • Rock trekking
  • Zipline

What is the price of the package?

There are 5 packages: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Executive and Reserved. Inclusions are:

Platinum Gold Silver Executive Reserved
Accommodation AC Tent for 4 adults AC Tent for 4 adults Non-AC Tent for 4 adults Caravan accommodation for 2 adults None
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner for 2 days Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner for 2 days Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner for 2 days Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner for 2 days None
Seating in Parade and arenas VIP Seating VIP Seating Gallery Seating Gallery Seating Box seating
Access to Arenas All 3 arenas All 3 arenas All 3 arenas All 3 arenas Arena 1 and 2
Adventure sports inclusion 1 hot air balloon ride None None None None
Coupons Dinner + Snacks coupon worth Rs.3000 Dinner + Snacks coupon worth Rs.2000 Dinner + Snacks coupon worth Rs.1000 None Dinner + Snacks coupon worth Rs.500

What will be the schedule for guests at Punnami Orvakal Festival?

9th June: Check-in and dinner.

10th June: Adventure sports in the 1st half. Entertainment programs in the evening.

11th June: Adventure sports in the 1st half. Check out after lunch.

How to book tickets/ get more details for Punnami Orvakal Festival?

Event website: http://www.punnamiap.com/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PunnamiOrvakal/

Phone Nos: 94945-12345, 72888-88988, 98490-82711, 81259-59595



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