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Amit Saxena asked 3 years ago

Hello Priyanka, Good Afternoon!
I would be glad if you could assist me with my question.
I will be traveling to Australia via Kuala Lumpur in coming September along with my Parents for a short holiday/tourism (8 days). However, I will have to change the terminals from KLIA1 to KLIA2 due to different connecting flights.
Do I need to obtain Malaysia Visa? or Am i eligible for Transit pass/visa (will not be leaving KUL airport) or eNTRI or eVisa?
Onward Flight Details: (2 PNR tickets = Malindo & Air Asia)
Mumbai to Kuala Lumpur —> Malindo flight (arrival at KLIA1 terminal) 3 hours layover time & then,
Kuala Lumpur to Sydney —> Air Asia flight (departure from KLIA2 terminal)
Return Flight Details: (1 PNR tickets = only Air Asia)
Sydney to Kuala Lumpur (KLIA2 terminal) 2 hours layover time & then Kuala Lumpur to Mumbai (KLIA2 terminal) — Air Asia flight
Amit Saxena

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Priyanka answered 3 years ago

Hi Amit,
You will need a single-entry eVISA. You have tickets in 2 PNRs which will mean you will have to go through immigration, collect your check-in bags at KLIA; go to KLIA2 and check-in again. eNTRI cannot be used because it requires you to exit via Singapore, Thailand or Brunei; if you do not have a direct flight to India. You will not need any visa during return because your bags will be checked-in to Mumbai from Sydney itself. You will not need to go through immigration process.
3 hrs is a short layover though since transport to KLIA2 itself takes some 30 – 40 mins if you go by their KLIA Express or fast airport transfer. It may be faster to come out and take a cab instead. I suggest you also request fellow passengers in the immigration line to let you go ahead since you have another flight to catch from KLIA2. 
Hope this helps!

Amit Saxena answered 3 years ago

Thanks Priyanka for your quick reply. Sorry, but I am now more confused. Why do I need to apply for eVisa vice eNTRI? 
I think I am meeting all the conditions to opt for eNTRI visa:

  1. I am returning back to India within 10 days of my departure (eNTRI is max of 15 days)
  2. I am entering Malaysia (KUL) directly from India
  3. And, I do have the return ticket to India (SYD — KUL — MUM) 

I thought I can save money by applying for eNTRI visa instead of eVisa, as I will be spending only 3 hours @ KLIA airport to catch my connecting flight from KLIA2 for Sydney thru Air Asia.
So please clear my doubts if I am wrong. I do not want to be in a tricky situation as I will be traveling with my old parents.
And yes, you’ve hit the nail. My another worry which is eating me out is the short layover of 3 hours at KLIA airport (if my Malindo flight from MUM — KUL reaches on time), thus I’ve decided not to carry Check-in baggage so I can save some minutes there. I read that there an inter-terminal Train which may transfer you from  KLIA to KLIA2 in 3 minutes. Hope this would be the fastest mode of transport to KLIA2?   And, also I hope the fellow passengers in the immigration line will allow me and parents to go ahead. Can i take help from the Airport officer or anyone who can assist us to move forward?
Thanks again. I will be waiting on for your reply!

Priyanka answered 3 years ago

Hi Amit,
To apply for eNTRI, you will to enter and exit Malaysia via Singapore, Thailand or Brunei. There are some pre-defined checkpoints even for these countries. You are flying to Australia from Malaysia, so this condition is not met.
As regards transfer from KLIA to KLIA2, it is 3 min by KLIA Express; however KLIA/ KLIA2 are huge terminals and require lot of walking. The train is scheduled every 10 mins. Immigration at KLIA is usually very fast and if you and your parents can walk to the KLIA Express platform fast; you should be able to make in time. My suggestion would be:

  1. Do all web-checkin in advance; so you do not have to stand in line for check-in at KLIA2. Call Air Asia once and ask if you will still need to do kiosk check-in. Refer 
  2. As you mentioned, avoid check-in bags so you save time dropping the bags.
  3. Fill up the immigration forms in Malindo Air flight itself. Usually every airline distributes immigration forms in the flight itself, pick those and ensure you fill them before you deplane.
  4. Make your parents stand in immigration line. If you have time; check with some airport official on what is the best way to catch KLIA Express.
  5. Request fellow passengers to let you go ahead in immigration/ getting off the Malindo Air plane. If possible, choose the seats in the front rows.
  6. Definitely buy travel insurance and check their conditions for missing flights etc.

Hope this helps and you have a great time!

Amit Saxena answered 3 years ago

Thank you Priyanka for being kind and informative.  Though, I am sorry to nudge you with another question.
I am contemplating to stay 1 day or maybe max 2 days in Kuala Lumpur to avoid this short layover and so to take KUL –> SYD flight hassle-free  &  any which way I am spending money to obtain Malaysia eVISA for 3 people.
So the revised plan is = MUM –> KUL from Malindo (then, 1 or 2 days stay in KUL) and then from KUL –> SYD  from Air Asia
Return = SYD–>KUL–>MUM  from Air Asia
The total tour will be less than < 10 days.
So, If I am correct, still eVISA would suffice? Please do assist me with your expert advice, accordingly, I will then customize the plan.
Amit Saxena

Priyanka answered 3 years ago

Hi Amit,
That should be a perfect plan for you. It would let you see a bit of KL too since you anyways will have to get the visa. Make sure the SYD-KUL-MUM flight is a fly-through with one PNR.
Enjoy your trip 🙂

Amit Saxena answered 3 years ago

Sure, I will.
I just can’t stop thanking you Priyanka for your knowledge, patience and quick response!  
You are a savior for providing us with complete and correct information.
God bless!  🙂

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