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Karunesh asked 3 years ago

Is there anything that we need to take care of when travelling to Mauritius?

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Priyanka answered 3 years ago

A few general tips when travelling Mauritius:
General Tips:

  • Get money exchanged from authorized agent (if you have to) – preferably carry forex card/ travel card and withdraw from ATM.
  • Bargain everywhere – tourist prices are usually jacked up
  • Rent a car: Car rentals are available in every area. Choose one close to your hotel. It is the best way to explore Mauritius. Indian licence works.
  • Buy water in bulk from supermarket : Water in hotels are atrociously priced.
  • Pack one jacket. Night temp dips even in their summer season. Evening winds are strong.
  • Get a SIM Card: Orange is the best operator (costed 400 MUR for 1GB data, we didn’t bother about voice calls)
  • Get a travel insurance. Given there is no direct flight from India, your check-in luggage will have to be transferred at your transit airport and there is a chance it can sometimes be missed/ delayed. 
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