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sameeksha rana asked 2 years ago

hi all.. could anyone help me with car/motorbike rental rates and agencies in seychelles. planning a trip in oct 2018.thanx in advance.. 🙂

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Priyanka answered 2 years ago

Motorbike rental isin’t very popular in Seychelles. We hired car from Praslin Holiday Car Rental:
Location: House 2000 Grand Anse Praslin (next to Mars supermarket).
Tel: +248 4 23 32 19
They charged 40 EUR per day
In Mahe, we wrote to our Airbnb host and she arranged the car for us. Be sure you mention manual transmission (if you prefer that) because by default they have automatic. Also, take small car because the roads are narrow at places. Also, the roads are ghat roads so make sure you are confident of driving.
Hope it helps!

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