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Karunesh asked 2 years ago

We are going to Mauritius for our honeymoon and wanted to know what are the things to do. It will help us in planning our holiday.

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Priyanka answered 2 years ago

Hi Karunesh,

There are many attractions/ activities in Mauritius. Depending on your interest, time and budget; you can shortlist what you want to do. Here is a rough guide:
Attractions in Mauritius area-wise:

  1. North: Water sports, beaches
  2. West: Flic en Flac beach, Dolphin watching 
  3. South: Crocodile park (also called La Vanille nature park), Seven colored earth, Curious corner of Chamarel, view from the cliffs.
  4. East: Ile Aux cerfs (island tour), glass bottom boat tour
  5. Central Mauritius: Ganga Talao (can skip unless too religious), Botanical Garden (can skip), Casela World of Adventures (wild animal petting, quad biking, segway etc)

Recommended activities:

Good to do activities: 

  • Sea Walking (north near Grand Baie ~ 2500 INR/person): Easier than SCUBA, wear a helmet with oxygen being pumped in. Cons: walk inside a net and call fishes by feeding them. No freedom to move and watch fishes.
  • Drive to Trou Aux Cerf (when going to south)
  • Ganga Talao 
  • Ile Aux Cerf (some consider this as must-do; its too crowded and commercialized though)
  • Glass bottom boat (if you are going towards east for Ile de Cerf) : 500 MUR/adult
  • Trek 

Hope this helps!

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