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DB asked 2 years ago

I plan to enter KLIA via Singapore (Manila – Singapore – KL; transiting via Singapore) and also depart KLIA via Singapore (KLIA – Singapore – Mumbai) within 2 days. Entire ticket on a single PNR and I am an Indian citizen. Since I am entering KLIA via Singapore only via transiting and not having actually got any Singapore immigration stamp – is this OK ?

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Priyanka answered 2 years ago

Hi DB,
You will have to apply for an eVISA because the condition says you need to travel from/to India via Singapore, Brunei or Thailand. Since you are travelling from India to Philippines and then Singapore, you will not be eligible for eNTRI:

eNTRI Note (Tourism) : 
(Terms and Conditions: 
ENTRY:Travellers are permitted to travel from India to Malaysia. They are also allowed to travel from India via Singapore, Thailand or Brunei to Malaysia. 
EXIT: Travellers only can exit Malaysia by a direct flight back to India. They are also allowed to exit via Singapore, Thailand or Brunei before arriving back to India.)

Hope it helps!


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